MSX SVI 728 - connect to modern TV using HDMI

By AnAx

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28-03-2022, 01:27

I bought an MSX SVI 728, since I use to have one as a child, and I'm now wondering how to connect it to a modern TV, using HDMI, in a good way?

I was searching around an saw that there are multiple ways to do this but I do not know which one will work for me.
I think that the RAD2X will be a good solution, but will it work with my specific MSX? I'm not sure about the differences between MSX/2/3 etc.
Can someone tell me which RAD2X that will work for me, and if I need any extra cable(s) beside that?

Besides my computers saying it's a MSX SVI 728 the box says that the CPU is a "Z80A".
There is a TV output and composite video (RCA?).
I'm located in Europe, where the computer was first sold, if there still is a NTSC/PAL-thing going on.

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By thalin

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28-03-2022, 07:42

I use RetroTink 2x-Pro. I works well for any retro computer or console with composite video output.

By gdx

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28-03-2022, 09:19