Msx-audio/msx-music confusion

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By sd_snatcher

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02-10-2011, 21:08

Meits is right. To clarify things a bit more, it can be resumed like this:

- Standard Name = MSX-Audio. Commercial names = Panasonic FS-CA1, Philips NMS-1205 (aka "Music Module" ), Toshiba HX-MU900

- Standard Name = MSX-Music. Commercial names = Panasonic SW-M004 (aka FM-PAC), Checkmark FM-Stereo-PAK, Tecnobytes FM Sound Stereo, DDX FMX etc etc etc

- There are also other standards for sound extensions on the MSX system:

- Konami SCC and SCC+
- OPL4 extensions. Commercial names = Sunrise MoonSound, Tecnobytes ShockWave, Jun-Soft Dal So Ri
- OPL3 extensions. Commercial names = MSX-Pro OPL3-Cartridge. Albeit not mentioned on the MSX-FAQ, this standard is basically a cheaper version of the OPL4-cartridges, lacking only the WaveTable support. But it features the MSX-Audio BIOS and can be used to play Compile games and MSX-BASIC musics
- Yamaha CX5M computer

You can have a look at the MSX-FAQ for a bit more depth into the MSX-Audio vs MSX-Music history.

By JohnHassink

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02-10-2011, 21:23

Clear explanation.
But what about the signs/symbols used for it?

As far as I know the always meant MSX-Music. I don't think to have ever seen a symbol to denote MSX-Audio.

By Manuel

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03-10-2011, 23:20

When the Toshiba starts up it says Toshiba MSX-MUSIC System. Now *that* is confusing Smile

Note that the MSX-AUDIO also has 6 channels music and 5 channels drums if you configure it to be. The built in programs use that mode. sd_snatcher wrote a very good text that explains the exact differences, which I put in the FAQ indeed.

The CX5M has a built in Yamaha module (SFG-01 or 05), which is yet another FM sound cartridge. It has an OPM (YM2151) as its base.

By Wild_Penguin

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05-10-2011, 12:07


olliraa: You did just notice this, did you?

Software compatibility with the MSX-Music BIOS. All games/tools that use the MSX-Music BIOS INIOPL/WRTOPL functions will work with this BIOS, as the BIOS will use the built-in SoundChipFish library to translate OPLL commands to OPLx commands on-the-fly! This is meant to end years of incompatibility created by a bad design decision when the MSX-Music was created. Hopefully this this reducess the confusion that always afflict many MSX users. Of course, programmers need to respect the MSX standard to take advantage of this (use the BIOS instead of direct hardware access).
This means the following MSX-Music games will work just fine on any device containing the MSX-Audio BIOS v1.3, and will even be played in stereo on OPL3/4 cartridges: Penguin Kun Wars 2, Dante2, Lübeck, Sea Sardine, Fleet Commander 2 (requires the patch to fix a race-condition that the game had on its initialization routines), Gladius
..and the recently released FireHawk-HDD. The translation is light enough, so a game like this runs better than the original DSK version even while translating OPLL to OPLn commands. For simultaneous OPLL->OPL3 and PSG->OPL3 translation, at least a 5.37MHz Z80B is recommended though.

It won't work for all games, if I understand correctly (some use the hardware directly?), but if you can install the upgrade, at least some more games should work!

(Also, you would not mind swapping the MSX-Audio for MSX-Music cart? I would pay something in exchange. Email me if you're interested ;-) )

By olliraa

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06-10-2011, 09:42

@Wild_Penguin: Mail sent Smile

By DJs3000

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16-04-2015, 11:41

What you need to modify in Philips NMS-1205 for install 27C512?

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