InfoDocMSX launch as a dedicated Site for SVI738

By lkpalwa

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01-03-2020, 17:56

To all user of the SVI 738, a new Site for this lovely MSX machine have been launch!
Please check it out and become a member (its free)
This is an attempt for me to keep track of all docs, mods and other info related to
the SVI738.
Some modes have been added, but more to come soon LOL!
Please contribute if you have info or suggestions Big smile
Next big project is the ULA reverse engineering of the internal 1G0003 and 1G0001!

Check it out here https://www.infodocmsx.doc !!!

Will add this to NEWs thread later tonigth :P

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By mars2000you

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01-03-2020, 18:31

Your link does not work.

Btw, there is this excellent site:

By tfh

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01-03-2020, 18:35

Correct link:

By lkpalwa

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01-03-2020, 20:02

Sorry guys and girls..correct link is oO