How to open a cartridge with the least damage possible ?

By foske

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17-11-2007, 13:22


Got the sticker of my F1 spirit cartridge off undamaged, but now I want to open the cartridge to add the SCC switch. Any advice how to open it undamaged ?

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By Jipe

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17-11-2007, 13:41

very hard !!

By wolf_

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17-11-2007, 13:57

iirc just open with a flat screwdriver or something.. The Korean carts are more practical.. just a screw!

By CrazyBoss

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17-11-2007, 19:15

As far as i remember you will break something, cause the case i locked together, but i dont think you will do any damage for the outside. I did the same long time ago with Contra Cartrigde, And glued it together later Smile

But as wolf_ said use af lat screwdriver.