Gamebank MSX Dumper V2 the PC MSX cartridge interface

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By bsittler

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08-08-2020, 06:15

Looks interesting, ordered! I don't have this one yet, but the other Tengu/Lythium cartridge dumpers I have allow the dumper scripts to be modified using the Squirrel scripting language, so if that is also true for this one I wouldn't be surprised if you can use it even to dump cartridges even when they have very obscure mappers, provided you are willing to program it yourself. I've used the Game Gear dumper with a custom adapter to dump a Korean pirate multi-cart of MSX-to-SMS ports before and it worked okay with some fiddling

By Takamichi

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23-11-2020, 17:12

While the gamebank main page doesn't announce the updates, MSX Dumper firmware is constantly updated with links here. Now it supports R-Type and Harry Fox Yuki No Maou Hen mappers.

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