For some retro fun: new SCSI interface

By lintweaker

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10-07-2020, 11:20

For the next iteration of my DIY MSX (Z8TY) I thought let's try to make a MSX compatible SCSI interface, so if it works I can maybe integrate it on the next motherboard PCB version.

It uses a WD33C93A SCSI controller as used on a few existing MSX SCSI interfaces. I've added a few 'modern' features.
Current features:
- DB25 female connector for external SCSI connections
- IDC 50-pin header for internal SCSI connections
- Active or passive SCSI termination. The active termination is controlled via software
- BIOS in flash, can be flashed from MSX
- Nextor BIOS ready
- CPLD for IO decoding/ASCII mapper etc
- WD33C93A SCSI controller (PLCC housing)

NB: if there is interest a normal MSX cartridge version should be an option

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