FAT16 Patch and 4Mb Padial Ram extension

By faxerpelle

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23-05-2012, 09:01

Hey there,

just a question for which I still haven't found any anser with standard "googling" method, maybe one of you knows it already.

Just bought a 4 slot expander and a 4Mb ram extensions from Leonardo Padial. Everything works perfectly when found the right setup of the cartridges in the slot expander. Setup includes ram extension, MFR and CF/IDE interface from Sunrise.

Only problem I'm encountering is that whathever combinations in the slot expander I organize, if the 4Mb Ram cartridge is in the FAT16 patch from Okei won't load, and DOS2 as well since MSX stops forever at the 2 introduction lines screen of dos startup.

Base system is A1-WSX internally already expanded to 512k and DOS 2.44 from TNI. Btw haven't found on TNI web page if FAT16 support is already included into Command2.com, so I could avoid loading FAT16 patch with autoexec.bat, but I guess not from few tests I made.

Any clues/suggestions?

Thanks in advance

PS:Btw, does anyhow have a spare Konami cartridge box to sell? I ordered some from Sunrise but still haven't received them.

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