Environmental friendly hardware addons

By Accumulator

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10-03-2023, 23:11

I was thinking whether it is possible to create more environmental friendly 'hardware-extensions'
Plastic will ruin or planet and in about 300d years, the planet and we, are dead anyway.
To extend our existence a bit (8 bit maybe), I had an idea... (not know if it is possible or feasible)
Has anyone thought of a modular 'cartridge' or 'hardware extension'?
From the cartridge slot to to the device, see it like a RaspberryPi or Arduino, and extension boards.
You can put another extension on the previous extension and another on top of another...
At some point it could be handy to have external power, but maybe not even possible....

This could save design cost, production cost and packaging. Or am I completely crazy?

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By meits

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11-03-2023, 00:30

Wheather you're crazy or not is not for me to decide. It is so that I am not on the same page as you.
There's no gain to be had in the MSX world. A marginal group of people having some plastic which will be worthless over a few decades does not kill the earth.
Claims on when the earth will die can not be made. This rock we walk on will be there until it decides it doesn't want to do it's annual circle around the sun anymore or some clash with a big enough chunk of rock from space.

It's good to have some love for the planet. Just try to enjoy your stay a bit as well.

By Pencioner

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11-03-2023, 00:41

Stuff like coca-cola leads to production of million times as much plastic. I believe that's an offtopic. MSX people do not ruin Earth, big companies do - remember teflon used in tefal frying pans, which was produced with use of perfluorooctonoic acid, or PFOA - a carcinogen, hormone disruptor, and reproductive toxin, which is also highly persistent, which means once it enters the environment it does not leave. Compare that pollution with a few thousend of newcly produced cartridges. That's only one example out of tons. But not much of people stops consuming drinks from plastic bottles because of the environment. Sad but true

By gdx

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11-03-2023, 10:36

It's not just the big companies that pollute, but the users who don't make an effort to get things recycled.
Governments that make many very dangerous and very polluting weapons too. Russia and the USA manufacture weapons in huge quantities.
People who buy lots of futile things in China pollute a lot too.

By Accumulator

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11-03-2023, 14:46

Thank you for replies,
Of course I understand the pollution of MSX stuff compared to Danone or Nestlé, is just neglectable.
But was another approach to introduce an idea.

Having a modular cartridge, just attach another hardware extension.
It is similar like cartridge slot extender, however using the, for example, 40 pin GPIO header of Raspberry Pi, and attaching boards and boards without using additional cartridge slots.

But over thinking this idea, maybe good solution 30 something years ago.
Because lots of hardware extensions should be redesigned, etc, etc.

Thank you for all replies, and support Ukraine!

By st1mpy

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11-03-2023, 16:34

Probably not possible or not easy to do as the slot expanders are not just straight through pins and requires logic.
I prefer cartridges in a nice plastic case.
If avoiding plastic is the real motivation you could have a naked pcb cartridge.