DalSoRi R2 vs Wozblaster Enhanced comparison

By DRomero

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04-07-2019, 17:38

Hello, I have recently purchased the new Wozblaster Enhanced from Pabrilis and i have compared the sound quality with the only other OPL4 cartridge that i have, the DalSoRi R2.

I need to say that I was exceptic at first, mainly concerns was about the possible quality of the DAC and filters used. But after a few sound comparisons i have to say I'm quite impressed with the sound quality.

I tested both OPL4s under a professional Scarlett 18i20 soundcard recording their audio outputs in Ableton Live. The record was 24 bit stereo at 44100KHz using High Quality Interpolation and then downsampled to 16 bits using triangular dithering.

Results are the Wozblaster Enhanced has a MUCH wider sound amplitude (sound is clearer), the filters used in hardware are perfectly balanced.

In comparison, the DalSoRi R2 seems to abuse the low & high filters (pass band) resulting in muted low & high frequencies where the mid ones take all the protagonism.

Its only my perception, but recommend 100% this sound cartridge.

Here is a little comparison using one of my favorite V9990 games, Myths & Dragon, I 100% recommend this game also Wink

You can judge yourself:

DalSoRi vs Wozblaster Enhanced

You can test both tracks at the same time by adding each of them in Audacity and playing with the solo button...


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By Meits

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04-07-2019, 20:14

makes the R2 sound a bit flat...
Reminds me that I still have to do some comparing as well for all the OPL4 cartridges I thought I needed to buy Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Grauw

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04-07-2019, 21:42

How is the noise floor level in comparison?

Does video interference bleed into the audio signal? By that I mean noise changing based on screen colour (white: strong, black: mild).

And does bus interference bleed into the audio signal? By that I mean noise changing based on CPU activity like SD card access or sample loading.

By DRomero

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05-07-2019, 09:57

At first glance neither have a noticeable floor noise level, but I have te check both first, maybe this weekend I'll make a test song with some blank spaces and pure tunes.

The main differences are equalization/filters and sound amplitude, in both Wozblaster Enhanced is way better.

By ToriHino

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05-07-2019, 20:49

That's really a big difference between those two. I have a DalSoRi 2 myself but the Wozblaster Enhanced sounds a lot more dynamic.

By ToriHino

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04-11-2019, 19:39

Btw, is there any way to adapt the DalSoRi so that its sound output is more in line with the WozBlaster enhanced?