Compact Keyboard on 1chipMSX?

By BitSquad

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13-06-2018, 16:14

I picked up a PS/2 keyboard with compact layout and when I connect it to the 1chipMSX, I get nothing.

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to add support for this type of keyboard?

Thank you!


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By Grauw

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13-06-2018, 17:07

Should just work out of the box. What kind of keyboard is it?

By Meits

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14-06-2018, 12:19

I guess PS/2 is not per se a standard as I ran into several Logitech PS/2 keyboards that didn't do anything while they did work on a PC. Buying a PS/2 keyboard for your OCM without testing is a bit of a gamble.

By Pencioner

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14-06-2018, 13:04

i think OCM uses scan code set which is unsupported by that particular keyboard -

By BitSquad

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14-06-2018, 17:06

Mine is a Cherry ML 4100 / D-91275.

Is there any available knowledge on how to program support for a new keyboard on this system?