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By Scarlettkitten

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05-07-2020, 01:47

Next time I see him, could be a while with no events anytime soon. Yeah the interface will be used with my MSX1s purely cos I love the old tech over SD cards. The SD cart is one of those cheaper MegaRAM SD 512 carts, pretty good but I'd love a Carnivore 2. Smile

By sdsnatcher73

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05-07-2020, 07:23

djh1697 wrote:

I never saw the interface for sale anywhere in the UK, i have been on the MSX scene since around 84-88, and then got back into it around 95 after finishing college

In my opinion this was a development/test unit used to adapt the DiskROM to (at that point in time) new PCB supporting double sided, double density drives. The 720k DS indicator in the Disk Basic line was to indicate it was the ‘new’ device, so there were probably similar devices developed by Computer Mates with only 360kB drives support. I don’t know about the UK market but I never saw such devices (even 360kB variant) with Computer Mates branding in the Netherlands, so it may have been a subcontractor development for one of the MSX vendors (presumably Philips?).

By gdx

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05-07-2020, 11:04

Computer Mates was a subcontractor of Philips. Computer Mates had planned to sell in France, UK and Netherlands but I only found evidence for Netherlands.
Computer Mates probably sold only a few of its products before a contract was made with Philips. That would be a reason why it is difficult to find traces.
Computer Mates seems made a contract with another company for the Brazil, protugal or Spain because I found this cartridge:

If you know more things write them in the wiki please.

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