512KB Upgrade of my FS-A1WX and Turbo R ST

By -Neo-

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09-03-2018, 13:37


I'd like to expand the memory of my FS-A1WX and Turbo R ST to 512KB but it's not really a task I like to undertake myself. Is there anyone within The Netherlands that can do this for me?

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By Meits

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09-03-2018, 13:46

People told me that ST to 512K is easy. WX to 256K is easy as well... WX to 512 seems to be a bit harder, but that depends on standards of given hardware guru... There are people around in Holland for sure. You could ask if Luppie is willing to do it for you or maybe Omega. Both are very skilled people who did some servicing to some of my machines in the past... Daemos as well by the way, he even fixed the totally wasted WX I had for spare parts into a very nice machine.

All the above are skilled but don't advertise services so they don't have to reply with a yes per se Wink

By luppie

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09-03-2018, 15:11

I can do it for you -Neo-
Where do you live in Nederland ?

By -Neo-

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09-03-2018, 17:16

Great luppie, sent a mail