Universal sound cart

By pix retro

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21-08-2018, 01:17

Hey chaps...

Just wondering if there is any carts out there that cover all games that use extra carts like snatcher...

Also... Which cart would be best for chip tunes???

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By JohnHassink

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21-08-2018, 01:48

Which one is best for you depends on which one you like the most. Smile
Regarding difficulty, personally I've found SCC the hardest to get desirable results from.

BTW I don't think such an "all-in-one" cart exists.

By JohnHassink

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21-08-2018, 01:56

Oh, also, here are two links that may have useful info for you about the different sound expansions:

By sd_snatcher

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21-08-2018, 15:32

AFAIK, no cartridge covers them all, but there are some that covers the most used ones:

- GR8Net has MSX-Music (OPLL), MSX-Audio (OPL1+ADPCM) and SCC+
- Carnivore2 has MSX-Music (OPLL) and SCC+, with an extra PSG
- MFRSCC+ has SCC+ and an extra PSG

None of them contain:
- OPL4
- OPL3
- The rarely used SFG-05 (OPM)
- The ColecoVision/SG-1000/SMS DCSG (SN76489) used by some few ports and emulators