PC-88 Snatcher Soundtrack recorded from MSX using SFG and Darky

By sdsnatcher73

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24-01-2021, 10:59

I personally just love all the MSX music hardware cartridges and I know many may wonder what they can do. I recently received my Darky (thanks SuperSoniqs!) and noticed that VGMPLAY (thanks Grauw Wink) supports it as PSG/SSG playback device. Which is (to me) really cool as Darky has a very good audio circuit with very low noise. To show what the combination VGMPLAY, Darky and SFG (in this case I used the SFG clone developed by RBSC and built by Omega) can do I decided to record the Snatcher soundtrack from the PC-88 release. The soundtrack was made for PC-88's OPN-A / YM2608 chipset but VGMPLAY can use the SFG and any PSG (so also the ePSGs on the Darky) to play the tracks.

At the moment the whole recording is finished and I've split up the first 20 tracks. You can download these in a handy zip file.

Enjoy these tracks and if you want to play back these tracks on your MSX make sure to get a Darky and SFG (clone or original).

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the designers or producers of these devices, I just enjoy them immensely and hope you will to after buying them. I wish many more music oriented hardware will be developed and produced in the future!

Note: I will update the zip with the rest of the tracks soon!

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By hamlet

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24-01-2021, 12:23

Thanks for the effort! It's amazing what the MSX is capable of. It's nice to see (and hear, of course) that all the music extensions I've gathered keep making sense.

By Pencioner

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24-01-2021, 18:07

Thanks for sharing. I have both of cartridges so i can confirm it sounds just great. On a technical side - was output taken from MSX or you used the audio mixer? (sound is very clean so it looks like an audio mixer was used btw)

By Grauw

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25-01-2021, 00:43

Nice, it sounds really hi-fi.

By sdsnatcher73

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25-01-2021, 04:40

I used audio out on both the SFG and Darky and used a mixer to adjust the balance. The mixer output is connected to a vintage A911 amplifier (hihi, 1993 is vintage, 1984 is retro). The tape 1 output is then connected to my Windows PC (because my Mac Mini 2020 does not need an analog audio input Smile). I recorded using Audacity, the noise floor is really low but I used the gaps between tracks (when VGMPLAY was loading) to identify it and removed the noise from the whole recording, then started splitting.