MSX music arrangements on the net

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By Pac

Guardian (6014)

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13-11-2020, 20:34

Drum madness by Dainashi: LOL!

Vampire Killer
Twin Bee
Ys 3

By Pac

Guardian (6014)

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27-11-2020, 20:53

By Pencioner

Scribe (1291)

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27-11-2020, 20:59

@PAC wow! jazzy-sexy-msxy!

By ren

Paragon (1636)

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15-12-2020, 13:01

Recorded via a mirror, this is JohnHassink playing Operation in Unsteady Space 😉

(Some dude is working an a (Rock/Aluminum) cover of this song ATM, should be interesting!)

And then he also did Hydefos.

By LoloGP

Supporter (1)

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20-12-2020, 12:41

Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum (if there's a self-introduction topic somewhere I'd be glad to go there).

I'm part of a french home-band named Grospixels (it's also a retro-gaming website that has just celebrated its 20th year of activity). We've been recording video game covers for quite a few years. Our latest entry is a 43mn album dedicated to Nemesis 2 (Gradius 2). I hope it's not rude to introduce myself by promoting a personal project... If you want to listen to it, the best place is Bandcamp :

I'm not sure, but I thing it's the first attempt at covering or remixing the whole OST of this game. We did our best at it. Hope you'll enjoy.

By Robosoft

Expert (86)

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20-12-2020, 16:09

That's quite an introduction! Great cover of a great game!
Enjoyed all of it. Thanx and welcome to!

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