FM Voicing II + megaflashrom

By sin_op_

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03-03-2020, 00:53

Hi there,

I have a CX5m that I have upgraded the SFG-01 OS to SFG-05. I'm trying to launch the FM Voicing II cart from ROM so I can finally save my FM patches, but I'm having problems.

Since it's an MSX1 I'm using SofaRun to launch. I've played around with a few settings and so far I can only get one of two results: either it freezes on the boot screen (the first bit of text when you turn the machine on) or it boots up like normal and goes into nextor, in which case it doesn't seem like the rom is loaded. I believe what should happen is it should boot to basic and I can run the software with CALL FMV

So far I have had no problems running the FM Voicing I rom, DMS-2 required a bit of config but works ok etc. Just this one rom is giving me issues. Has anybody successfully run FM Voicing II with a modded SFG-01?

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