Would you like to take part in the content of an MSX magazine?

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By wolf_

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24-05-2023, 10:19

Naturally it has a cool-factor, and paper can indeed be more calming than a screen. My criticism (as far as you call it that) isn't related to the product itself, but to the process of making it. Again, the first edition will be great. But then what? The problem I see is continuity. At some point people have other things to do, or they're out of ideas, or they just don't care anymore. Look at how MCCW went down-under after only three issues.

Another thing to consider is that many developments are actually interactive forum threads. A magazine article isn't interactive. So, if someone learns assembly here in the forum, the learning steps can all be seen. Post by post, question after question, all tiny baby steps. An article in a magazine is one large chunk in which you need to rely on the author to do it write, there's no steering wheel. So, a question could be whether full non-interactive tutorial articles make much sense these days. You would need outstanding authors making such articles. They may find a few of them, but if those experts decide to do somthing else, the continuity is gone. It's very hard to have a backup plan in those situations.

Again, I'd loud anyone who succeeds making a proper MSX magazine these days, but, as you (ro) once pointed out somewhere, it's often like whistling the national anthem while eating a banana. Wink

By DamnedAngel

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26-05-2023, 20:47

Similarly to Ericb59, I am not on twitter, so I will just answer here.

Between 2020 and 2021, I offered a 20-part MSX Game development in C/ASM workshop for a selected Brazilian audience. The course went from the very basics of setting the dev environment up to finishing a Snake-like game in C ans Assembler. It turns out I have the very detailed scripts for all sessions, ready to be adapted to a magazine format.

The content of the workshop is the following:
Session 0: Development Environment Setup
Session 1: Using Project Templates
Session 2: Starting the Development
Session 3: Screens of the Game
Session 4: Animating the Snake
Session 5: VDP Basics and Collision Detection
Session 6: MSX's Interrupt System and Game Timing
Session 7: Permanent Motion of the Snake
Session 8: C Pointers and Snake's Head and Tail
Session 9: Apple of Good and Evil (Implementing the Snake's food)
Session 10: Handling Joysticks, Level Progression and Customized Character Font
Session 11: Screen 1 Graphics and Pattern Table
Session 12: (More) Tiles and Colors
Session 13: PSG Workshop (featuring MRC's user Parn)
Session 14: Visual Effects and Animations
Session 15: Sound Effects
Session 16a: Sprites - Part 1
Session 16b: Sprites - Part 2 (Fusion-C Bugs Correction)
Session 17: Assembly and the Grass
Session 18: A Quick Look on OpenMSX Debugger

The playlist of sessions (in Portuguese) are available here.

It will be my pleasure to translate the material if you find the content adequate to the magazine.


By tanuki

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31-05-2023, 13:52

Hello DamnedAngel, It's great, and of course it could be part of a magazine!

We're still in the feasibility study phase. We're looking at costs, pagination and so on. Give us a little time, and we'll officially announce the magazine.

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