Was D-Dash / D' / Dixdaef / diːdæʃ by Tecno Soft ever fan-translated?

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By JohnHassink

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17-10-2017, 23:24

Well, if I can give you some starter tips - the enemy movements are pretty erratic and most of the time it's wiser to just run past them before they can bump into you or hurl/spit a projectile in your direction. The only reason you'd take them on is to clear a safe way for yourself, especially in tight spots. Enemies never drop anything nor gain you EXP or something similar. It's a good idea to try out which weapon works best on what enemy, though.
Also, the health replenishment items do indeed respawn, but not unlimitedly so.

By sd_snatcher

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17-10-2017, 23:37


I interview the guy behind this

Did you interview xxx? Is it still possible to ask him any questions? I'm really curious about his view on the long secret messages that he has left in Herzog, Feedback and D-Dash.

By Grauw

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18-10-2017, 02:41

santiontanon wrote:

Agree! D' should be "D apostrophe" or "D quote". "D-dash" should be "D-" ("D/" would be "D slash" Smile )

TecnoSoft themselves write it in Japanese as ディーダッシュ (di-dasshu) so… let’s stick with that Smile.

By santiontanon

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18-10-2017, 03:48

Hahaha, sure

By KdL

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18-10-2017, 04:24

this was one of my favorite games! Smile

By wyrdwad

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18-10-2017, 07:50

Played a little bit of it just now. It's pretty fun! Took me a little bit to get used to the way your character moves, though -- when you're not scrolling the screen, she (I picked Luice/Louise) pretty much runs at like 6,000mph. Wink

Can anyone tell me what the computer does? I picked up a health replenishment item and several weapons, but I also picked up what looks like a laptop, and it got filed under the "COMPUTER" section of my inventory, but I can't seem to do anything with it.

Also, you guys have mentioned a couple times that the game feels kind of like Metal Gear, but I think a closer comparison might be something like Alien Syndrome. It actually feels a lot like that game -- which is a good thing, since the MSX doesn't have the best version of Alien Syndrome! It's a ZX Spectrum conversion, I believe. So D' is a nice substitute.


By JohnHassink

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18-10-2017, 13:19

I think the computer only serves to get information from the terminals, these things:

Hooking up to them isn't required to beat the game.

You mention you picked up a health replenishment item. Note that you can stock up on them. Just keep leaving and re-entering the mess hall and it respawns (with a limit!). That one is worth five 'replenishments', but I remember you can pick up a more potent one later in the game.

Probably MSX people are quicker to compare this to Metal Gear because that one is deeply ingrained in MSX history, while Alien Syndrome wasn't that well known (I for instance only learned about the MSX version a few years ago).
And even if there's indeed no actual stealth involved, and the action looks and feels more like Alien Syndrome (including even the 2-player option), there's the whole card key and open world thing. ;)

By Szczepaniak

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20-10-2017, 13:40

VGMuseum used mockups? Awww man! Sad

Yes, yes, and yes to everyone's questions.

7 hours of Tecno Soft and Compile questions:

I interview Yuichi Toyama back in 2013. He said "no comment" to the messages, but explained how D-Dash was a reskin of the first Kyu Goku Den game on MSX2. He also explained the name - I call it "D-Dash" because that's how it's pronounced, since the ( ' ) is "dash" in maths but it's a pain in the ass when formatting. There's a massive long explanation on this actually.

He also discusses creating Herzog, life at Compile, and a bunch of stuff about 8ing. I also interviewed Kenichi Yokoo, and two others from Compile. A long explanation on Disc Station, Swing kun, and the origin of the blue/blob Compile mascot.

By MP83

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20-10-2017, 16:56

That "blue blob" has a name: Randar. Smile I guess this means that you managed to interview Pac Fujishima. Cool!

By wyrdwad

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21-10-2017, 03:55

Thanks for the info, John! I'll be sure to grab some of that sweet, sweet lore next time I play D'. Wink

Also, surprised to hear it's a reskin of Ku Gyoku Den, considering how much slower and clunkier Ku Gyoku Den is. It still seems pretty fun, but it's definitely a far less polished game than D'.

My favorite little detail from the little I played of D', by the way, is the screen wipe when you exit through an airlock leading to a new area that it needs to load. If you look closely, you can see that it's actually tracing tiny little stylized letter D's on the screen, then wiping away around them -- a nice touch!


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