VDP v9938 sprites & memory bandwidth

By PingPong

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01-08-2020, 17:14

hi, seeing how msx2 vdp perform sprite data fetches i'm wondering if with a more smart approach in interpreting data sprites could have been better in color.

For example the C64 VIC-II perform the same sprite fetches but interpret differently data in multicolor modes or monochrome mode.

we also know that the vdp is somewhat a little waster man in doing some dummy memory reads for example it does refetch the Y coordinate for the sprites more than required.
Also it does not take full advantage of burst mode.

What kind of changes could have been done to improve sprite flexibility and what the change allowed to achieve?

Do you think that the sprite sequencer of address generation could have been optimized a little without too much efforts ?
Or do you think that engineers have already done the best with the constraints imposed? (for example compatibility with sprite mode 1). I'm wondering what could have been with the same number of data access of v9938 but applied with the old TMS VDP schema.

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