the number of the MSX computer produced

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By sdsnatcher73

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22-10-2020, 17:05

When comparing Europe to Asia/Oceania in those numbers I personally don’t understand why Europe has so little. Taiwan could not have seen large sale figures imho and I doubt South Korea alone outsold the whole of Europe...

By mars2000you

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22-10-2020, 17:15

Also Thailand for Asia:

And don't forget South Korea!

The marketing was optimal in Asia, it was not the case in Europe, especially in France and Germany. MSX2 was not released in UK.

By Pac

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23-10-2020, 22:15

Yeah, I forgot Thailand Wink . I doubt that MSX succeeded in countries like Australia, Taiwan or Thailand taking into account the different models put on their market, except for South Korea. Everything suggests that most of those 780.000 units were sold there.

By Takamichi

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25-10-2020, 07:46

Disc Station 1990-03 issue #10's MSX Magazine corner says the MSX production exceeded 2 million in Japan and 2 million outside there, totaling 4 million at late January 1990. However the global count mentioned there included South Korea, Europe, Middle East and South America but DIDN'T mention Russia. Russian MSX was a state run project so considerable surplus could be added though I cannot find any stat and I doubt ASCII could count it.

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