SCREEN 2.11111 - No syntax error message generated

By informn

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26-02-2020, 00:30

Adding a '.' full-stop after SCREEN 2 and typing various different types of rubbish does not generate a syntax error message .

SCREEN 2.11111

This is on bluemsx, for the machine just labelled MSX

Noticed this when trying to see if there were any hidden screen-modes for faster graphics ( I have read about why msx is so slow and about the chip, but thought maybe a completely unknown mode may exist inherited from an earlier version of the chip, a single color monochrome mode.

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By DamnedAngel

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26-02-2020, 01:39

Just reproduced on WebMSX as well.

screen 2,3.1232 also works
screen 1.8 sets screen 1

Apparently, the command accepts real numbers and truncate to get an integer.

By spacemoai1973

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26-02-2020, 01:55

CALL S.Y.S.,T.E,,,M also works

By Parn

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26-02-2020, 13:41

This is because SCREEN accepts expressions (including variables) as its parameters. This can be useful if, for example, you want to support graphics capabilities from different MSX generations with a single program.