Philips MSX hardware & Software posters

By tfh

Paragon (1993)

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03-01-2020, 14:09

Today I received two very hi-res scans of Philips Dutch MSX posters / Brochures from Emil Sokolowski. He took these to a local printshop to get them scanned. You can find them here:

They are called PhilipsMSX1-2.PDF & PhilipsMSX2-2.PDF.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

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By Wlcracks

Champion (395)

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03-01-2020, 16:03

cool, they vg8020/00 box was cool to, I had it new.

By tfh

Paragon (1993)

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04-01-2020, 14:04

Someone on Facebook also asked for the Philips MSX2 Demo. You can Download it or view it online.

By hamlet

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04-01-2020, 14:10

I was looking for that since years (but forgot to ask you)!
This is an amazing demo written in BASIC. In 1986 this was a good argument to buy an MSX2.

By Grauw

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04-01-2020, 14:31

That’s pretty neat indeed Smile.

By Meits

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04-01-2020, 14:58

Is it 100% basic? iirc there's a part in space where a word is being drawn while music is being played. on interval? (I never used that so I wouldn't know its benefits Wink )

By Grauw

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04-01-2020, 14:46

The PLAY command queues up phrases of music to play in the background while the program continues.

The primary downside is that when the next phrase is played, there’s a small audible delay in the playback. You can hear it in the demo. A bit of a shame, that.