By caver99

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13-08-2006, 19:22

Hi All

I am new to the MSX, i got my first this morning at a car boot sale for £1, its a Toshiba HX10, now i have found out how to load (CLOAD, RUN) and i have made an 8pin to 5pin din cable to conect a tape player to the mas and another to conect the pc sound card to the msx but now heres my problem i have downloaded cas and a rom files and caslink and MicroWAVeRunner but i can`t get any joy in loading anything to the msx, i found a basic program on here to type in and then play the wav file caslink made but i heard nothing from the msx, if there is somthing bust what could it be?
Plus are there any floppy interfaces for the msx1 to build on the net?

Many Thanks

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By Gilneas2

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13-08-2006, 22:11

You want to build your own disk drive?
I assume, from looking at pictures of the HX10, that it doesn't have a disk drive.
So that sounds like quite the undertaking.

By Manuel

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13-08-2006, 22:51

The MSX won't make a sound while loading from tape. It should just print messages on the screen, lilke:

Found: Waver
(or whatever the name of that file is.)

By legacy

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13-08-2006, 22:56

Well, sometimes you can find separate diskdrives incl interface on ebay.
Have a look at there you can find almost everything about MSX.