New tool to read openMSX savestates into MSX2 or FPGA

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By Manuel

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15-09-2020, 22:24

Well, it would cost 4 I/O ports... Now it's one memory location.

By mcolom

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15-09-2020, 22:42

Manuel wrote:

Well, it would cost 4 I/O ports... Now it's one memory location.

In the main system, moreover. Putting it as a memory location moves the complexity of the circuitry to the connected device. Perhaps that's the reason...

By pgimeno

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15-09-2020, 23:45

My (uninformed) guess is that as MMIO, it's automatically mapped to the currently selected primary slot in page 3, so that may mean less extra circuitry to let the user select the primary slot that the desired secondary slot mapping applies to.

By gdx

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16-09-2020, 02:16

mcolom wrote:

Sure, and not taking that into account is a flaw of the sofware. That's why I said programmers without access to documentation.

I don't know where it came from but in Europe many people thought that MSX1 machines can't have expanded slots. I saw this several times at the time and many programs were developed like this. For cartridges this is understandable as MSXs normally have at least one primary slot but for other software I think there is false information that circulated.

By Grauw

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16-09-2020, 02:36

People drew conclusions based on a limited set of machines they had access to and circulated this as fact.

By mcolom

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31-10-2020, 20:01

I've added another tool (same repository) to convert states into ROMs.
It seems to work with most games, but still not finished. For the moment it can't handle the case the game has selected the system's ROM (only RAM in the four slots), and when using interrupt mode IM 2.
The MSX-DOS tool is more advanced, but the ROM one seems to go towards the right direction! Smile

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