MSXdev'20 discussion

By ren

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27-11-2019, 17:20

MSXdev'20 discussion thread

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By Uninteresting

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27-11-2019, 20:19

Continuing on from the news bit linked in ren's post...

shram86 wrote:

This sounds awesome, I would like to see this Tongue
Have you played around with compression?

I used a limited static Huffman encoding for my MSXdev'18 entry. ("Limited" meaning it can't handle all input and the decoding tree quickly grows too large) Without that, I wouldn't have fit the 22 tracks and the AI in there. The visible track tile layouts would've been 14K uncompressed, and 5K after. I also had a simple RLE for colour data, but not for patterns.

As for the engine -- don't expect too much. It will be greatly cut down, including no pointing at the image. It'll be closer to a text adventure with an image of the location.

By santiontanon

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28-11-2019, 19:26

Talking about compression, I have not tried all the compressors out there. But amongst the ones I've tried I find that Pletter gives the best balance of speed/compression overall. If you want maximal compression, Exomizer one of the ones I find that compresses best, but it's very slow to decompress, and thus cannot be used to decompress things on the fly during the game. Pletter, however, compresses very fast! Also, there are lots of tricks you can use to re-arrange data to make it compress better and pack it even tighter! A comprehensive comparison was done in the Atariage forums here:

And if you want to learn about additional tricks to get the most out of compression for your MSXDev entry, I wrote the tricks I used in our Phantomas 2.0 game here:

By Grauw

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28-11-2019, 19:32

Code size and temporary buffer size is also an important consideration for a decompressor I think, especially if you have only 16K of RAM to spare.

By reidrac

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28-11-2019, 19:34

Re: compression, take a look at this project:

It may not be what you need, but I found the graphs very informative to choose what is the right compressor for your game.

By santiontanon

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28-11-2019, 20:38

Wow, the results on that LZSA-m2 look very impressive! Seems to dominate Pletter easily!

By reidrac

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28-11-2019, 22:00

The key is in *the data* you're compressing. Your data may give you different results!

(for me is also important that I can include the tools in my dev pipeline, some of them are just not ideal)