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By aoineko

Paladin (806)

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21-11-2022, 22:19

Congratulations to the winners!

I was wondering: would it be possible to create a cartridge with a large selection of MSXdev games?

This is something that is done for the Commodore CPC RetroDev for example and I have to admit that I am a bit jealous that we don't have the same thing for our beloved MSX. ^^

By Bengalack

Paladin (711)

Bengalack's picture

21-11-2022, 22:38

Would this possibly “compete” with a physical release produced by the developer her/himself? Asking for a friend Smile

By aoineko

Paladin (806)

aoineko's picture

21-11-2022, 23:41

You can tell your friend that this should obviously be done on a voluntary basis. Wink
And in any case, the income should be returned to the creators.

And perhaps your friend will release an "enhanced" version for the physical release of his glorious game, so we could have the basic version in the MSXdev compilation (if she/he wants) and the enhanced version in standalone.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

wolf_'s picture

22-11-2022, 10:23

Will that multi-cartridge come with a large can o' Mexican beans? Also asking for a friend...

By aoineko

Paladin (806)

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22-11-2022, 12:34

I don't know the culinary details of the CPC RetroDev compilation, but I just say that it makes me wish I had the same thing for the MSXdev. That's all.

Anyway, apart from the desire (or not) of the developers to see their game in it, it would be a lot of work to create such a compilation. I doubt anyone would be motivated enough to do it, so it will probably never see the light of day.

It's close to Christmas time... it was just a wish. :)

By geijoenr

Champion (359)

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22-11-2022, 15:40

That actually looks awesome. I think it would be a great idea, not sure how feasible though given the size of some of the entries.

By wimpie3

Champion (434)

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22-11-2022, 18:09

A floppy disc version would be feasible though?

By Manuel

Ascended (19223)

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22-11-2022, 19:51

One of the games would already take over 50 of them....

By Uninteresting

Champion (347)

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22-11-2022, 20:01

There wouldn't be just the work but also the cost of the materials.

I wouldn't be happy about having my game included in a collection sold for a price, but I guess there'd be little that I could do about it.

By AnsiStar

Master (138)

AnsiStar's picture

26-11-2022, 11:46

I really hope that some Cartridges of those jewls will come
around! Wink

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