MSX3 is Controversial?

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26-03-2023, 11:32

By Accumulator

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26-03-2023, 18:45

Targeting an audience of having youth in the '90s or the Death Stranding kids...
Frogger VS Call of duty...

Price of hardware running Call of Duty is less than 150 EUR.. With Intel or Nvidia GPU, not 30 years forgotten on a shelf..

Knowing the Japanese style of business, politics are a crucial item. Exclusive agreements to certain capabilities are kept to the letter. Ascii, Microsoft, Sega, SNK, etc have a seat at the table, and at the end money talks. 'I want this feature, exclusive!! Fuck the rest, here is the money'

By Pokun

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28-03-2023, 01:20

He said many times that he is not aiming to compete with the likes of Windows, Nintendo Switch or PS5 markets.

Besides, these bankruptcy proceedings was unrelated to the MSX0 crowdfunding according to the article and Twitter. Last thing I heard was that the crowdfunding reached its goal.

By thegeps

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30-03-2023, 10:57

Infact, bankrupt isn't related with crowdunding (wich is going better than expected)

By igor.d.monteiro

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17-04-2023, 20:09

-I don't want that MSX3 equipment and software be retro.

and i don't want any retro spirit in the MSX3 project to be sincere.

that's my point of view.

By igor.d.monteiro

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17-04-2023, 20:13

we could use "In the spirit of good old times" a "Virtual MSX machine" inside MSX3.

But, i won't invest money on a "retro" machine.

I've asked NIshi about the direction of MSX3. And he said:

"It's a machine for the future, but with a different vision from the original direction. Also, it's not a game machine".

And I agree with him.

By bore

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17-04-2023, 21:09

It sounds to me like you want a DELL Business Desktop with MSX3-stickers

By aoineko

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17-04-2023, 23:26

igor.d.monteiro wrote:

-I don't want that MSX3 equipment and software be retro.

Everyone has their own desires.

Personally, it's not so much the retro aspect, but the possibility to access directly to the hardware that makes me love the MSX so much. An MSX3 with the same philosophy but a little more powerful hardware would have been much more interesting. A z80 compatible processor (like an eZ80 at 50 MHz), a V9990 compatible graphics card and a good sound card; it would have everything you need to create any 2D game while enjoying the experience we have gained on MSX.

If I want to make a 3D game, I will use Unreal Engine 5 on PC. I don't see the point of using a computer that's going to be worse than a PC to do something that I can do on a PC.

However, I am very interested in the cartridge for MSX to connect Groove sensors. It will allow to experiment with many types of gameplays; like what we see on MSX0. For example using a gyroscope to control a ball in a game can be very fun.

By igor.d.monteiro

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19-04-2023, 14:30

I think it's a matter of personal opinion, but the results are not(at least, to the present circunstances).

When someone saw the past of the system, the reason of its existance, and the reason that everyone is still here,
is beyond of what we have now, as a product.

I think Nishi is right. MSX is much more than a retro machine. The future could be interesting,
if we stay united, and give a chance to the creator to show what the future he's looking for. We should
buy MSX3 and proceed to the future.

MSX2 is still very good, very cool, but it's technology, unfortunately, is dated, and we should accept it with a
peacefull mind, and hoping for a better future with MSX3.

By igor.d.monteiro

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19-04-2023, 14:40

Everyone: "wow, MSX has lots of good games! MSX3 should continue with this, awesome games, right?"

Nishi: "MSX3 is NOT a game machine."

Everyone: "..."

Me: "Cool! Awesome! Let the MSX standar be what it wants to be! The future is full of possibilities!"

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