MSX WIKI is missing a network card! How to add it there?!

By eimaster

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12-02-2018, 22:56

I have an MSX Network card but it's not mentioned in the hardware network Wiki section! I don't have its box nor its manual but I can make a picture of it and post it as a proof of its existence. How to add it to the Wiki section?!

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By ren

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12-02-2018, 23:26

When you're logged in you should be able to edit the Wiki. (Otherwise: troubleshooting -> I can’t log in on the wiki?)

Have you ever worked with MediaWiki (the wiki software this site, and e.g. Wikipedia uses)?

By Manuel

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12-02-2018, 23:26

Never edited a wiki? It's just a MediaWiki wiki...

But if you're new to it better post it in this thread first and we can help you put it at the right place.

By ren

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12-02-2018, 23:41

What's with the double post though?

Hmm.. I thought there was an introductory / getting started page somewhere, but can't find it. Anyway, the MediaWiki Help page should be helpful :-)
Read some stuff on how a MediaWiki wiki works in general, and how to create/edit pages, and try to fit your content to the already existing structure / format.

By gdx

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13-02-2018, 02:13

Log you from homepage. Open a wiki page similar to the one you want to create, for example page at link below.
Click on edit and copy the text source to a text editor. Replace texts, picture names and tags then create your page with it with an URL like below.
Then you will be able to upload your pictures.

By ren

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13-02-2018, 12:45

Supplement to gdx's post: to prevent accidents, I would first copy the edit source text to the new page create textarea (or text editor if you wish), and leave the example page edit ;-) And use the Show preview button before saving (and supplementary the Show changes button when editing an existing page).

And make sure to get the page title right on the first go. You can change the title after saving by moving a page, but it's preferable not to do so. (Though it isn't a real biggie for a page that just has been created.)

Note: below an edit/create page there's also an helpful Editing Help link.