MSX "voice actor" ;-)

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By ren

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23-04-2015, 00:25

Referring back to the original discussion from 2013: I know who the speech guy is! It's RENE (whoever that may be) Wink

Check this screenshot from the Oh Shit! .cas image from the msxcas archive:

(Not sure from which version/release of the game this .cas dump originates?)

By The NoiseCollector

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23-04-2015, 21:06

Please John, upload it to YouTube !
Use the fade-out to finish the song !
Love to hear it.

By rvanderputten

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12-03-2023, 02:12

Samor wrote:

Who was the "voice actor" of MSX game "Oh Shit!" ... and was it the same one who did the other games by ByteBusters/Aackosoft (Snake It, etc.)?

Just being curious here since I have a few names but I'm not sure they did the voices. I guess it was a Dutch guy?

It is me Smile

By gdx

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12-03-2023, 07:07

I knew "Oh, no!" long before "Oh, shit!".

Another memory: The penguin scream was phenomenal. It put me in the same state when I was losing a game. Big smile

I looking for the game that says "Game Over, plus d'énergie!" when a game is over (yes, half in French). I only remember this voice from the game so I can't give more details. Big smile

By Manuel

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12-03-2023, 11:21

@rvanderputten who is RENE then?

By JohnHassink

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12-03-2023, 14:23

@ TheNoiseCollector: I'm sorry, must have missed your post back then. I could have a look.

@ gdx: Maybe it could be this:
Or by the same developer?

By gdx

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12-03-2023, 14:33

No, I didn't know Docteur Galaxie.

By Totta

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13-03-2023, 23:37

Would be fun though to know exactly how they recorded and played the digitized speech since they were kind of the only ones doing it back then.

I remember North Sea Helicopter as the first time I encountered their speech feature. I was amazed.
Not only by the ambition of making a working helicopter simulator but also having space left in the RAM to store the samples.

By tfh

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14-03-2023, 08:07

My guess is they used the MSX Tape port as a sampler, just like we did in The Yellow Alert Demo.

By FiXato

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20-03-2023, 16:35

Manuel wrote:

@rvanderputten who is RENE then?

I'm guessing René Neuteboom, who also is credited voicing Jet Bomber.

Though in the comments or Ronald van der Putten says it was all him? :RNFF:

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