MSX fair Nijmegen 2019

By Latok

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16-01-2019, 13:14

There is a large MSX fair in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, next month!


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By hamlet

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16-01-2019, 16:34

Don‘t worry. I am sure Manuel will do a news post reminder.

By Manuel

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16-01-2019, 18:36

I don't mind if you reuse last year's reminder news post Smile

By Pencioner

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16-01-2019, 18:40

maybe it is easy to forget for Dutch people (just kidding of course) but when you have to buy a ticker and fly, it is impossible to forget Smile looking forward to meet people from MRC who i know only by forum yet Big smile

By hamlet

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16-01-2019, 20:12

By Lynn

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21-01-2019, 01:59

Looking forward to it again! Last year was my very first MSX event, and it's been far too long I've been to one at this point ^^