MSX in China?

By Manuel

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15-11-2015, 20:58

Check this article:

Does someone know in more detail what it is about? Google Translate is not ideal :)

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By hbarcellos

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15-11-2015, 21:16

Im a little bit rusty on my Chinese, but, the picture shows a Brazilian Sharp Hotbit.
But you probably already knew that.

*PS* Google Translate seems ...enough, I guess.

By Piter Punk

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10-03-2017, 04:15

I guess the translation from Chinese got better in those last two years. The "red and white machine" is the "Nintendo Famicom", "Andrews system" is "Android" and "Alloy equipment" is "Metal Gear".

"Was originally published in the "People's Posts and Telecommunications" November 6, 2015 "Le Travel" column

Is the learning machine a "wonderful" product of China's original concept or special age? If you carry this fantasy, it is possible that your national mood is too serious. In fact, Microsoft in 1983 put forward the "learning machine" concept, that is, for the family consumption of 8 and 16 (according to the CPU word length) low-end personal computer, also known as MSX, the product and red and white machine in the The same year.

Although Microsoft proposed the concept of MSX personal computer, but did not focus on this area, but a lot of hardware companies to rush. At that time most of the hardware companies use the keyboard and the host integrated learning machine appearance, configuration and accessories are different, which with the current mobile phone manufacturers based on Andrews system development of different models of similar smart phones.

Do not know when the Chinese learning machine research and development, whether the reference to the MSX thinking, but it can be said, MSX and red and white machine has always been in the life cycle, basically is playing a "personal computer + game console = learning machine" role , And once became the largest red and white machine in the Japanese market opponents. According to statistics, in the red and white machine is not popular when the Japanese market there has been a by the ASCII, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, Yamaha, Daewoo, Philips and other companies jointly launched the 8 MSX game console, the machine Type use of the cassette, with thousands of games, but also can be used as a computer, performance and then the mainstream of the personal computer Apple II close, so popular very busy.

Microsoft MSX as the Chinese learning machine and the small overlord learning machine and other domestic models of inspiration for the source, but eventually become a rush in the history of the game, even in China is far better than imitator famous. That year, MSX is a cheap personal computer, but also to resist the red and white machine host platform, but want to play the game in the above, the user needs to pay the money and not less than the purchase of red and white card. As a result, hopefully all-in-one, all-in-one MSX, is finally being more powerful by the PC and the game is more abundant by the red and white machine. This scene, the same in the domestic learning machine market staged, just because the level of economic development is relatively backward, pirated cartoons rampant, product iteration relatively slow shot and many other reasons, a similar phenomenon in the domestic late appeared for nearly a decade.

As a kind of innovative attempt to subvert the professional game host standard developed by Atari, the red and white machine inherited, the "learning machine" this host standard eventually lost. But can not say that foreign "learning machine" nothing, at least in the MSX platform emerged "alloy equipment" and other high-quality games. In 1987, the United States and the United States in the "alloy equipment" when the game is listed, specifically for the US market issued a red and white machine customized version. It stands to reason that the red and white machine as a professional host, the performance is better than MSX this compatible machine. In order to reflect the red and white machine than the MSX more excellent performance of the game performance, the United States and the United States music company has been revised, but the people are willing, this makes the game lost the essence of the original, so that was also unknown Game designer island show husband ("alloy equipment" game creator) bursts of protests, external claims that the United States customized version of the red and white machine on the game is not only a problem, but also outright garbage works. "Alloy equipment" game is very successful, but failed to restore the MSX's decline, it seems that the fate of impermanence it (Author: Zhang Yue book Micro Signal: zsl13973399819 new author of "cross-border - must first get to know the age of the Internet's Da Baiju")"