MSX and Games found - Any Suggestions?

By ConorB

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06-06-2022, 21:33

Hi all,

Clearing out my parents attic we found our old Mitsubishi MSX with tape cassette player and a bunch of games. Is there anything too look out for regarding value? I saved it from being thrown in a skip!

The MSX itself isn't in great condition, not sure if it even works. The games, from looking are mostly on tape / cassette - Cluedo, Eric and the floaters, Les flick, Blaggard, Chuckie egg. Salamander on Cart.

Any tips or suggestions what to do with the collection would be appreciated. Not sure if there's any value associated with it. I'm in Ireland.


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By aoineko

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06-06-2022, 23:52

Hi ConorB,
I'm not a collector so I might be giving bad advice but personally, I'll try to clean it up gently and try to start the machine to see if it still works.
After that, you have 3 choices: keep it for yourself, sell it to a collector (if it works), or offer it to a retrogamming museum or association.
Salamander is quite common, but if the games on tape are rare, it might be interesting to try to digitize them so that they are preserved.

By valkyre

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06-06-2022, 23:51

Hi!, the best thing to do is to start using your msx again!! Salamander will have reasonable value if it is in good condition with box and manual. Most tape games don't carry too much value.

By gdx

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07-06-2022, 02:03

MSXs can be sold even broken down. Salamander sells quite easily even if you don't have the box and documentation. For games on tape, you will have to be patient but it sells out. Look at the prices on ebay (being aware that people inflate the prices especially on ebay) and you'll have a little idea.

Otherwise, if the retro game or the hacks in electronics attracts you a little, visit the site a little. I think you can have fun with it.

By Briqunullus

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07-06-2022, 09:32

gdx wrote:

Otherwise, if the retro game or the hacks in electronics attracts you a little, visit the site a little. I think you can have fun with it.

Very true! If the machine still works, maybe you can get yourself a Megaflashrom or Carnivore2. These will allow you to play any MSX1 game on your machine.

By MsxKun

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07-06-2022, 16:40

No money is going to give you the feeling and happiness of owning the machine and using it.
Tapes are expedable, but with Salamander you have fun for many time!

By retro69

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27-06-2022, 22:25

If you decide to keep and use your MSX you may find it difficult to purchase your favourite ROM emulator / disk emulator combo cartridge, given the current shortage of semiconductors. You still can use your MSX, though. There are applications available that convert tape files that you can find on the net into audio files. You can then use your laptop or PC as a digital tapedeck. All that you need is a laptop or PC with an audio output jack and a cassette lead (which I understand you already have). It is even possible to store your BASIC programs using this technique (this would then require an audio input jack on the PC side). I have used this before I got my combo cartridge. It is not comfortable but works. I think that there is also software available to convert your smart phones into a digital tape deck for the MSX but I have no experience with this.
The other point is that if you finally can get hold of a combo cartridge which uses the Nextor operating system like the Mega Flash Rom you should consider buying a version with a RAM expansion. You have not said exactly which computer model you have. But if you have a computer with less than 128 k then you might run into issues without RAM expansion as I understand that Nextor has only limited support for less than 128 k RAM.