Looking for MSX HX-10 keys/switches

By sie1984

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14-02-2020, 22:23

Does anyone know where i can buy replacement switches for the MSX as pictured here or if they are selling any?

I just need the black top not the stems or keys but happy to buy complete if needs be.



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By sie1984

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15-02-2020, 01:43

Update i need 5+ of them

By rderooy

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16-02-2020, 10:54

Unfortunately there are no replacement parts. Perhaps you can repair them with special glue. 3D printing is probably not an option since they are so thin. Or perhaps somebody has a system that is beyond repair from which you can get some parts.

By Repair-Bas

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16-02-2020, 19:54

I have those keys

By uberjack

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17-02-2020, 17:45

Wouldn't be too difficult to 3D-print these, with a decent printer.