Let Sony HB-F1XD to run MSX2+ games

By joseph0126

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18-07-2019, 13:06

Hi folks, I am thinking is there any possibility to make MSX2 can run those games dedicated for MSX2+ or up. EX : Konami F1 Spirit 3D special. Thanks.

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By Wolverine_nl

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18-07-2019, 14:53

Some will run, some won't, most of the time it is a graphical screen or 2+ instructions that the MSX2 can't use/process.
IF it runs, the graphics palette looks incorrect and blitter appears.
Best is just to use a real MSX2+ or convert a MSX2 to 2+, not sure which models are suited for this except a few Philips models like a NMS8250, NMS8255 etc. It is somewhere here on the forums for sure. Wink

By mohai

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19-07-2019, 16:02

Almost every MSX2 can be converted to MSX2+.
It is a matter of 2 things: Change VDP chip and change of BIOS.
MSX2+ has an (at least) extra ROM on which is the Kanji driver and the boot logo. The F4 register is an extra too.
Some patches ROMS are done for not to use the extra ROM (no boot logo then) or F4 register.
You can search for instructions on how to update some MSX2 models and find out how to do it to the F1XD.

By joseph0126

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21-07-2019, 04:25

Thanks .. Very appreciated.