How exactly do games like Road Fighter and Circus Charlie have such smooth scrolling?

By Omargrafx

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26-01-2019, 10:00

Most of the time MSX games have terrible and choppy 8 pixel scrolling, so how do Circus Charlie and Road Fighter have such good scrolling?

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By wimpie3

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26-01-2019, 10:50

Same for Pippols. Each character is copied in vram with one pixel difference. As long as the tileset is limited, this is a perfect solution.

By santiontanon

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27-01-2019, 07:30

Exactly. The trick is to have 8 copies of each tile, each with the graphic offset 1 pixel. This results in very limited graphic variety (since you need to have additional tiles for each combination of tiles that appear next to each other). But for the simple graphics of Pippols and Circus Charlie, this is enough! And Circus Charlie adds sprites on top of it to complement certain parts Smile

By Wlcracks

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27-01-2019, 07:57

Being always impressed by Roadfighter game handling and gfx, i never discovered smooth scrolling. Driving very slow gives an 8 bit jump in scrolling, in mine experience. Can someone please tell me were in Roadfighter this trick has been applied, because i am missing out on this.

By zett

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27-01-2019, 09:19

i like my 8pixel scroll on msx1 games

By Wlcracks

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27-01-2019, 12:40

^where is the like button?

By Wild_Penguin

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28-01-2019, 13:28

I think Road Fighter just looks smooth since it moves so fast. Same thing in F1-Spirit, but the slower races do not look so smooth; but F1 races seems smoother. It''s your brain doing the smoothing, it's still scrolling in 8 pixel steps!

By Wlcracks

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28-01-2019, 17:42

cool, thanks.

By st1mpy

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03-05-2021, 23:41

How does it do smooth scroll in Pitfall 2? (River Raid does it too but the graphics are simpler).