How did/does MSX influence your life?

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By Low_Profile

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23-10-2003, 10:16

If you stop at 4096 that's kinda lame Wink the MSX could handle up to 65536 you miss 8192, 16384, 32768 and 65536...and that's by heart as well Tongue

strange, I usually use my head in stead of my heart to multiply numbers by 2 Tongue

(how's that for some additional smartypants ^_^)

By nftaDaedalus

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23-10-2003, 14:16

If you stop at 4096 that's kinda lame Wink the MSX could handle up to 65536 you miss 8192, 16384, 32768 and 65536...and that's by heart as well Tongue
Of course I don't stop there, the list would've become too long.

By snout

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19-12-2006, 00:36

w00t... has it been so long since we had these discussions? Come on guys, don't be shy and tell about how MSX changed (or changes) your life! ^_^

By Konamister

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23-12-2006, 18:26

It was my first computers. Cool

By tfh

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23-12-2006, 19:27

OMG.. Did I miss this thread 3 yeard ago? It's funny as hell reading all of this Smile

By snout

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23-12-2006, 21:45

^_^... So TFH, how did MSX influence -your- life?

By tfh

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24-12-2006, 16:17

Well, more then I want to admit Wink

If it weren't for MSX, I probably wouldn't have become close friends with The Pretender (and he would have stayed with his Atari and FONY/Tyfoon would never have existed), and without him/FONY, I wouldn't have met some guy called John. Stephanie was his girlfriend, but now she is my wife and we have a daughter together.

Besides that, I probably wouldn't have had my current interest in computers, so I wouldn't have had the jobs wich I have had untill now, including the travelling and salary Wink
But then again, maybe I would have spent some more time on my school(-work) and would have a complete other career Smile Smile

So, that's about it Smile

By PingPong

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24-12-2006, 16:58

From the teen age i started to know the extraordinary computer world thanks to msx.
My interest were on programming (basic, MachineCode), electronics in computers and so on.

following the msx, i've got an msx2 (WONDERFULL, i still have it today and is working with this original disk drive!), next a speccy, C64.

Then i approached to the PC World! And Now it's my Job. I could not imagine what should be my Job or life without the msx.
Thanks old piece of hardware to have 'routed' so strongly my life...

By RobertVroemisse

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10-01-2007, 10:32

Thanks to MSX I made a lot of new friends. I still remeber those fantastic weekends in Winsum when I stayed with Rikusu and his family. Making stuff in the middle of the night and playing pool. Chatting with those strange guys from Chillsoft... Yeah... those were the days. Being nervous a week before the next MSX fair. Getting up at 5 in the morning dragging all your MSX stuff in the train to Zandvoort or Tilburg. Fabulous weekends at Jan's and John's place. That brings back memories ("LEKKER DING!!!!!!").

MSX also has affected my work. I became a graphical designer and sometimes I even make music for flash presentations. Yes, you can say that MSX has had a huge impact on my life.

By smart duck

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10-01-2007, 10:39

The basis of my IT career Smile and a lot of fun.

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