Hitachi H2 Stuck on Bios Screen (Please help!)

By landlord

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14-01-2016, 11:45


Need some help please with this MSX.

It's actually an Alamiyah model MSX Hitachi AH 200. Same as H2 but without tape recorder.

Below is what I see after inserting any cartridge. Just stuck on that screen.


Any help would be appreciated.

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By RetroTechie

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14-01-2016, 19:09

Welcome to, landlord! Smile

Don't know this particular model, but having it stuck on the bootup logo may indicate it can't find working RAM. Do you have an external RAM cartridge to test with?

What's the response if you keep CAPS LOCK pressed? Is that same as what you're used to?
Same if you press CTRL-G a few times. Each press of CTRL-G should produce a short beep. Can you hear that?

By landlord

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14-01-2016, 20:34

Many thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I do not have a RAM cart Sad

I can hear beeping after pressing CTRL + G

I should also mention when I turn the computer on without a cartridge I get jumbled graphics and the screen goes to black after some time.

This computer looks like its fried Sad

By Manuel

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14-01-2016, 21:36

How does it look inside? Perhaps you could try to press some socketed chips?

By landlord

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14-01-2016, 21:47

It looks quite clean. I ran a multi-meter across some connections but haven't noticed anything unusual.

I'l try to press on the socketed chips and report back.