[help] wondering why sprites of setpage1,1 in screen5 have blue stripe shadows??

By msxdaisuki

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04-05-2020, 16:30

Please, help.
The below is my basic code.
The outcome sprite have blue stipe shadows.
I tried it at setpage0,0, setpage 1,1, setpage2,2, and setpage 3,3 at screen 5.
But at only setpage 1,1, i have the blue stripe shadows.
Why do i? Is there any way to solve this problem?

this is my code.

  5 COLOR 15,0,0
  10 SCREEN5,0
  30 SPRITE$(0)=STRING$(8,255)
  40 PUTSPRITE 0,(50,50),9,0
  50 GOTO50
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By Grauw

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04-05-2020, 16:59

It seems page 1 has previously defined sprites showing up. Looks like CLS doesn’t clear the sprite data. If I comment out lines 30 and 40, I still see a sprite.

Add the following to prevent any sprites from index 1 and up to show (using special y-coordinate 216):

45 PUTSPRITE 1,(0,216)

By msxdaisuki

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04-05-2020, 17:37

thank you for your great help. ^^; but i cannot satisfy myself enough as to why only setpage1,1 has such strange stipes. is this inevitable technical bug?

and could i have ask one more question?
yes, at setpage 2,2 and 3,3, also, it looks like CLS and SCREEN 5 statement cannot clear sprites. isn't there any ways to clear these sprites except using special Y coordinate 216??

By Dolphin101546015

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04-05-2020, 18:10

MSX Basic newer clear sprites and bitmap data except zero page, also when you set new page,
Basic switch tables for new page (but originaly you might have one tables define for all pages at once).
Use X-Basic and clear tables manualy by:

10 screen 5
20 _turbo on
30 '#c-
40 for p=1 to 3:set page ,p:cls
50 copy(0,0)-(255,127),p to (0,128),p
60 next p
70 _turbo off

Where string 30, tell Basic set clipper off, and you might use blit to offscreen area.
It totaly clear whole VRAM above zero page.

Also, if you want see content of offscreen area, just use scroll:

By msxdaisuki

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05-05-2020, 02:00

sorry, there was just mistyping.
" such strange stipes ---> " such strange stripes "

By JohnHassink

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05-05-2020, 04:08

msxdaisuki wrote:

isn't there any ways to clear these sprites except using special Y coordinate 216??