FM-Towns joystick

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By gdx

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04-10-2020, 01:52

This diagram tells us nothing more than the photo above but this is sufficient to deduce that Shouder button is connected between ground and pin 8 of the joystick port. Pin 8 of the FM/towns joystick port can be set to output or input. By default, it is an input. On MSX, it's always an output.

By Danjovic

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04-10-2020, 16:35

sd_snatcher wrote:
buharka wrote:

That's the only image I could find. Judging by the traces it connects VCC with GND?

From what I'm seeing Vcc doesn't seem to be used. But by elimination, that shoulder button connects the pin-8 of the joystick port to the GND.

This means that this FM-Towns controller should never be connected directly to the MSX without an adapter, or it can fry the PSG when the shoulder button is pressed.

A 470 Ohms resistor in series with the shoulder key should mitigate that problem and render the controller usable on both platforms.

By nitz76

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31-01-2022, 19:00

Hi! I drew a little schematic that also shows the D-SUB9 pinout:

See it on the website at
Cheers! :)

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