DanDan question.

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By Sonic_aka_T

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09-06-2004, 18:16

Oh, sorry... A human is no good for entertaiment...Well actually, I've come across some specimens that more than fulfilled their function. I'll grant you that they weren't male humans though... (well, maybe ro... he's pretty cute Wink)

By xdandan

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15-11-2013, 00:43


just ten years after... :-)
I'm coming to MSX party the 23th november.... I will bring with me some little musical presents... ;-)



By Meits

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15-11-2013, 08:10

Hi Danilo... Nice to hear...
Pity I won't be there to meet you... I do hope to hear your musical presents when the party is over though Smile

By Jorito

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15-11-2013, 09:34

Sounds good! Getting curious what you have in store for us Wink

By MicroTech

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15-11-2013, 09:51

Wow! Hi Danilo! How are you?
Good to find you are still around Tongue
Hope you are back on the scene to remain...

By wolf_

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15-11-2013, 10:04

xdandan: heh, lost your account details again? Smile

By wolf_

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15-11-2013, 10:09

hm nope. this was the temp account..


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16-11-2013, 18:24

Wow, that was a long time ago when i've placed this forum post Wink
Welcom back DanDan !

By Meits

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16-11-2013, 18:56

And now just stay around and make some tunes once in a while will ya Tongue


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17-11-2013, 09:22

Hi Danilo
nice to hear from you again

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