Compile Posters- Aleste, Aleste 2, Shin Golvellius - Any info?

By BitSquad

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24-04-2018, 18:04

Has anyone seen these posters before?

I wasn't able to find any information or images of posters for these games. I'm curious where they could have come from, whether they were available in stores or if they were promotions for retailers.

They weren't folded so I think that can rule out Disc Station inserts. If found a brief mention of a Golvellius poster in a Disc Station but I can't find an image, plus I don't think that was for Shin Golvellius.

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03-05-2018, 17:58

my friend have a aleste 2 poster(not sure if it is)

By BitSquad

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05-05-2018, 03:59

Does it look like this?

The person recently selling these appears to have a lot of MSX posters as well as boxes of undistributed disc station insert flyers.

There may not be any special story to their origin, but I looked for Aleste and Golvellius stuff for a long time before seeing these.