Chain of MSX users

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By erikd

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19-10-2004, 14:58

Actually I'm not really into MSX much anymore, except for the occasional bash of fun old games using an emulator. Many MSX games really stood the test of time well as some are still fun to do.
Since I've made some emulators myself using java (arcade emulators, not MSX), I've been considering creating a new MSX emu using mentioned technologies.


By Accumulator

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10-11-2004, 12:47

Remember another MSX-er

Kristiaan Jousma..

By Accumulator

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10-11-2004, 12:50

There are a lot more I think..

does someone has a list users of:

MAD - Doetinchem
Doesburg??? Can't remember name... maybe Jeroen does?
MCCOG - Arie?? Niek??

By Pat

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24-02-2006, 13:22

Some more:
- Jan-Willem van Helden
- Ramon(?) Gelissen
- Jan Janssen (Checkmark)
- Ruud Janssen
- Tom Wauben

By legacy

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24-02-2006, 13:25

Some more:
- Jan-Willem van Helden
- Ramon(?) Gelissen
- Jan Janssen (Checkmark)
- Ruud Janssen
- Tom Wauben


By Pat

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26-02-2006, 20:09

Ruud Gelissen

Some of these guys are members of Hegega, the janssen chaps produced games for parallax and made external memory mappers and the fm-pak!

By Xan0ri

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27-02-2006, 08:14

Keltsu "Xan0ri" Keltamäki

By Worp3music

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26-03-2006, 19:54


Is noone remembering me.
The guy who gave the idea for Moonblaster.
The guy who build the haert of C-Quenser.
The guy who builded Moonblaster Midi Replayer which is sended to snout about a half year ago and still isn't in the download section.
The guy who manipulated Soundtracker so that it could play more than 83 tracks.
The guy who manipulated Soundtracker so that it could play songs wich needed more the 9 channels (Impact made a couple of songs for this replayer)
The guys who made the most noice at Msx Club Gouda.

If this still don't ring a bell then i think that i'm realy forgotten.

Yes indeed the guy(s) who made a lot of noise at MSX-Club gouda.
Me? I am Jan Koets which composed music for A.C.E.
I was more a silence type who enjoyed being around with fellow componists and musicmakers.
Maybe someone recognized these names:
Tjeerd Veenstra
Richard van Gool
Alexander Litjens
Rein Huys

All members from A.C.E. We made audiodoom, ACE in Space, Several musicdisks one specific for Moonblaster midiplayer.
Check out my site for those musics made with Moonblaster midiplayer:

Also I made the first full Jean Michel Jarre music disk with FAC Soundtracker.
(Quasar 21b) you find the musicdisk there.

I also read in this topic that Willem died. ;( He was a great man. And we had a lot of fun with him and Magic Marco.
You where very nice and fun guys to be with. I miss those great days.
I remeber that day when you finished your moonblaster midiplayer. You where testing it at MSX club gouda. With a lot of noice hehehe. (Remember the song Marco is still alive???? ) I believe you made the song. I also have a SC55 and I bring my remote to MSX club gouda. When you where playing your midi we mute one of the midichannels you where playing with my remote control. You and Willem where very suprised one channel was missing and you where sure your program worked well. You didn't understand a thing of it how that was possible. After one hour of puzzling we showed my remote control and we had a lot of fun becouse of that joke. You and Willem saw the humor of that.
And yes indeed it was and it is still a greet midiplayer. My home page proof that.
I hope we can make contact somehowe to talk further of those days.

BTW has someone menthioned John van Poelgeest?
And Arjan from MSX Club Gouda.
Roderik Muit was zijn naam geloof ik.
Andries Minnaard....He was a nice "Guy/girl" a strange person but nice with great musical ideas.
Oh yes Coen van der Geest wich is still a great Jarre fan just like me. He was a very nice guy.

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