BLOAD not working

By Metalion

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16-11-2019, 12:44

Hello everyone,

I've been using sjasm to generate small .bin files for some time now, and everything went well.
But this time, I generated a .bin file starting in $A000, and ending in $E560 (so a bit more over 17K).

Using those commands in BASIC (BlueMSX) :

clear 200,&h9FFF

the computer starts to load the file from the disk, then freezes.
The Debugger shows that nothing has been loaded.

What does happen ?

PS : The file header is

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By jltursan

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16-11-2019, 13:15

You're probably overwriting the disk ram area that usually starts over these addresses. If you're not disabling the 2nd drive, it's even before $E000, and with only one drive, you'll get RAM free to more or less, $E200-$E300.

You can use ONEDRIVE.COM to setup only one drive and not forcing to press CTRL at starup.

By Metalion

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16-11-2019, 14:19

Allright, thank you.
I guess it's time to move to a rom format then.

EDIT : Instead, I shifted the .bin file $1000 lower, making it $9000 - $D560. And it worked.