Announcement: streaming multi-player Maze of Galious on Twitch this Sunday

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By Bas Wijnen

Resident (34)

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18-06-2021, 14:05

You're probably wondering: multi-player MoG? I didn't know that existed? And you're right: it didn't.

So did I hack MoG to make it multi-player? No, I did not. Instead, I wrote other software that allows single player games to be turned into multi-player games when running them on OpenMSX.

So now you're thinking: but how does that work? What magic have you used to do such a thing?

I'm glad you asked. And I'm happy to explain. That's the first part of the Twitch stream. We'll look through the code and see how it works, and if it's safe against attacks (because even though that isn't relevant to the way we are using it now, it's always good to be aware of software security).

After that, we'll be using it to play MoG. And maybe other games if we feel like it. It'll be a very relaxed session.

So now you're thinking: That's cool, most of my questions will be answered if I watch the stream. But what if I'll still have a question that you're not answering while I watch?

You're in luck. We'll also be watching the chat and respond to questions from there as well. So feel free to join the fun.

Date: Sunday, 20 June 2021
Time: 20:30 CEST (18:30 UTC)
Language: We'll try to do the whole thing in English. There may be some Dutch words at times. Questions can be asked in English or Dutch.

See you there!
Wait no, I don't see people who are watching...
See me there!

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By Randam

Paragon (1431)

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18-06-2021, 19:43

This so cool Bas. This is like christmas in june!

By Rataplan

Champion (338)

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18-06-2021, 21:41

That's an awesome idea! Eager to see it. However I don't have or use twitch. Is it public? Or will the stream be upped to youtube later on?

By Bas Wijnen

Resident (34)

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19-06-2021, 01:46

You can watch Twitch in a browser without logging in. If you want to chat, you need to create an account (which is quick and free). I think I'll also add clips to youtube, but probably not the entire session.

By FiXato

Scribe (1742)

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19-06-2021, 23:49

You don't even need to use the Twitch website to watch; AFAIK you can also just open the URL in media players such as VLC and MPV.

By ren

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20-06-2021, 20:28

Lurking, buffering galore though..

By norakomi

Paragon (1140)

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21-06-2021, 11:14

I couldnt check the stream, but watched the replay.
Could you explain how your software works ?
I always wanted to create a multiplayer game that people can play over the internet for the MSX.

By Bas Wijnen

Resident (34)

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21-06-2021, 13:27

I haven't checked the replay yet, but obviously my computer was not fast enough for what I wanted to do. :-(
But yes, of course I'm happy to explain. Actually, I already did that in the repository. During the stream I noticed some things which I have now also documented in the README. So please check it out. The repository is at . If you have any questions that aren't answered there, please ask. I'm happy to talk about it. :-)

By sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3951)

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21-06-2021, 14:52

It would be really cool if we could turn Salamander into a networked 2 player game Wink

For this to work I guess we might need also some directionality (e.g. player 1 position is updated in direction of player 2 and vice versa, then again player 2 should not update the position of player 1 but could)

By Randam

Paragon (1431)

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21-06-2021, 16:38

I saw part of it real time but with no sound. Is there a replay available?

On the Github I saw that it was a sort of script that syncs the best (get items etc.) and worst (lose items etc). Interesting way of playing multiplayer (high risk high reward).

Is it also possible to make other synch strategies? Like low risk low reward (for instance if not most people get an item, don't get the item, don't loose life etc)

Or another solution still: show these single player instances as shadows, so you can see if you do well, faster/ slower etc?

Or like sdsnatcher73 says: is this the beginning of netplay on openmsx like there is in webmsx?

By TheKid

Paragon (1238)

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22-06-2021, 07:45

How. Ool wouldit be t9 play quarth or big straegy 2 with a friend over the net. Possibilities, possibilitis Wink

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