After the war fps

By PingPong

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17-08-2019, 22:52

Looking at after the war in both zx and msx version I didn't notice an appreciable difference in speed
This make me think that the real cause in slow down when porting zx to msx games in not as a lot of people say the vdp port bottleneck instead more probably the need to manage a color area that instead of 768 bytes is 6144 bytes.
Effectively after the war does not update color informations neither on zx or msx so the slow down is not noticeable

Maybe I m wrong but I think that if we look at others zx to msx convertions that does not manage colors my suspicious will be confirmed.
Practically the main reason appear to be the color attribute table almost one order of magnitude bigger on msx

Anyone can confirm my suspicious based on gaming experience?

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