A recent acquisition (Panasonic FS-A1F)

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03-02-2020, 05:37

I picked this machine (MSX2) up on eBay late last year, because hardware is always cooler than an emulator. There aren't a lot of choices in the US and this was the only one one there I could find for less than a couple hundred. Obviously the reason for that was because it doesn't work as is (or so the seller says -- but I believe them).

I have only just now got around to getting it out of the box, so now the fun will be trying to figure out why it might a black screen problem. So far I've only taken the top off and the keyboard out to get a decent look. Haven't plugged it in yet because when it initially arrived I was waiting for the power converter I ordered from Amazon. And now I think I'm going to go with a little preliminary cleaning before firing it up as it's a wee bit gunky in spots.

My bet for the cause of the claimed issue is of course the little daughterboard with caps that the msx.org wiki mentions as being something to attend to first... but who knows maybe it's something else.

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03-02-2020, 06:17

Hi Tristan. Hardware is indeed much better than emulation (although emulation serves a great purpose on it’s own). The daughter board is indeed the likely culprit and I would recommend changing those caps either way! Also in my opinion you don’t really need a power converter if you are in the US, I use a 240V to 110V for all my Japanese MSXs and they all work fine (over longer periods of use).

Anyway, good luck in restoring the A1F (which is a quite nice looking machine imho)! Let us know how it goes!

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03-02-2020, 08:31

i'm actually restoring mine...
I got a PSU problem i think (don't have +12v, -12v and +5v correctly)
I changed all caps for now :
- 100uF 6,3v
- 470uF 6,3v X3
- 1uF 50v
- 220uF 25v x2
- 3300uF 10v

+ transistor 5P4M
+ rectifier D5S4M

and it's same, don't have good video signal

Last part to change = SHARP PC904 photocoupler (i'w waiting for it to change. It's just ordered...)

I will publish a tutorial if restoration is completed Wink

Good luck with yours

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03-02-2020, 09:39

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