A GUI for the MakeTSX Program

By manolito74

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20-12-2021, 14:29


To create a ".TSX" File from a ".Wav" NataliaPC has created the Program [b] MakeTSX [/ b], which works under the "Command line".

You can find the latest version here:


It would be nice to have a Graphical Interface available, similar to the one of the Spectrum Users have for MakeTZX. So if there is someone here who could develope a GUI for the MakeTSX Program we would greatly appreciate it. ;-)

Because all we know that many Users are "reluctant" to Use a Program writing MS-DOS Commands. Perhaps with a version with a Graphical Interface and with the help of the Tutorials that are available, some other Users could start to create their own TSX and collaborate with the Format TSX Project.

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

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