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09-03-2019, 08:14

With over 200 pages, 8-Bit Annual 2019 is HUGE! It is the second printed book covering all new 8 bit home computer and console released home brew and commercial games from 2018, by the 8 Bit Annual team. Included in the 2019 annual is many 8bit retro gaming features, game developer interviews and more than 150 game reviews on Atari, Atari 2600, NES, SEGA, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, BBC Micro and MSX. Each 8-Bit machine is given as much content as possible.

The amount of content in the 2019 annual will truly be Epic! With even more reviews, interviews and featured articles than the mega 2018 annual, even world class speed readers will have trouble reading this in a short amount of time.

Features include: Rick Dickinson Tribute, 8-Bit Annual Dev Contest 2018, ZX Spectrum World, Pixel Art by Andy Green, Amstrad CPC Chess via Lan / Online, Juan J. Martinez (multiple format 8-Bit games), Amstrad CPC Collectors Cabins, The BASIC 10 liner Contest 2018, Delta 4, Atari Games in Tesla Cars.

Interviews include: Mark Nunam (Abbex Games), Richard Broadhurst, Paul Rose (Mr. Biffo of Digitiser fame), Andrew Darovich and Paul Weller (Aetherbyte Studios), Nobuaki Washio (GW'S Workshop), Soren Borgquist (Spectrum games), Andy Johns (Nixy: The Glade Sprite), The Shadows of Sergoth coding team, Clive Townsend (of Saboteur fame), Mark Hardisty (author of the definitive Gremlin Graphics book!), CPC Retro Dev interviews, Carolos Pérez Peregrin (winner of #CPCRetrodev2018), Antonio Savona (L'AbbayeDesMorts on C64), Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, Sarah Jane Avory (writer and coder of Briley Witch books and C64 game).

MSX content may include: Tragical Chase, Inq and Suq vs Nightmare, Draconic Throne, Wu-m, 50 Metres, Buddhagillie, Bumper Ship Racing, Burn Us, Inferno, MayQ Buster, Shoulder Blade Overdrive, Svetlan A7, Virus LQP-79, Z, ド (Do).

OTHER MSX content with thanks to Matra Software include the following: Shoulderblade Overdrive cart


To order your copy and your MSX perks the link for 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 is below


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By santiontanon

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09-03-2019, 20:08

I had already supported, but nice to see the news here Smile And nice posters, Sirelion has been on fire lately with those game covers!! Big smile

By Uninteresting

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09-03-2019, 22:18

For apparent reasons, I'm curious to browse through this book as well. A friend has already said he has pledged for a copy for me, though.


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05-04-2019, 21:36

Thanks Santiontanon and Uninteresting Smile

latest update on the 2019, 8 BIT ANNUAL.

We have reached our first stretch goal, now with 21 days left of the Kickstarter help us reach our next stretch goal so we can add an extra 20 pages of game reviews.

To order you 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 the link is here



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14-04-2019, 21:56

latest update for 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019.

only 12 days left to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019.

the 2nd stretch goal is very close and we need your support to achieve it.

If it is achieved by the end of the Kickstarter we will add a further 20 pages of game reviews.

Achievement of the 2nd stretch goal will mean we can add reviews of the latest 8 bit games and so far we have plans to review a soon to be released zxspectrum game as awell as the very soon to be commercially released C64 game, Mancave.

We would love to review new MSX games too as we love the MSX community and developers. If you have any new MSX titles that you would like to see or could suggest please let us kknow as we would love to have new MSX games reviewed if the extra 20 pages stretch goal is reached.

Don't forget, with thanks to Matranet Software, there is awesome MSX game posters and a awesome MSX cartridge of Shoulderblade: Overdrive available at the Kickstarter page here



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20-04-2019, 22:52


Only 6 days to go guys and gals to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019!

Great news the 2nd stretch goal has been achieved! Mancave on the C64 will definitely be reviewed and there is also a request for another C64 game, MAH, to be reviewed so awesome news on that front for C64 fans.

Awesome news for Speccy fans too! With thanks to ZX Spectrum game developer, Andy Johns, unreleased game, Nixy The Glade Sprite 2: The Seeds of Doom will also be included, check out that image below.

And more great news for Speccy fans, there have been new page layouts completed of a tribute to Rick Dickinson (ZX Spectrum designer) and Andy Green's 8 Bit artworks. Images for both are below.

If MSX'ers have any new MSX games they would like to see reviewed please suggest them in here and we will do our best to include them.

Remember there is some great MSX kit in the 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 so please don't miss out on your last chances to order your copy of 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019: New Games on Old Hardware!

Many thanks to all backers so far and to any new backers in the next 6 days.

You can order / back / pledge here at this link



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26-04-2019, 15:36

Only 28 hours left of the 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 Kickstarter crowd fund campaign.

Don't miss out on making a pledge and grabbing a 220 page hardback Annual with over 200 new game reviews across Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Atari 8 BIT, MSX, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Sega and the BBC Micro computers and consoles.

There is also some great kit in the perks section that you can purchase with your glorious 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 book!

Perks on offer can be seen on the KS page link is here or in the images above this post.


Kit includes:

* 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019, T-Shirt.
* 8 BIT ANNUAL 2019 posters.
* Various 8 BIT gaming posters including Nixy The Glade Sprite (Speccy), Shadow Switcher (C64), Rocky Memphis and the Legend of Atlantis (C64), Robbie Strikes Back, Space Phantom and Tragical Chase (Amstrad CPC), Inq & Suq vs Nightmare Poster, Shoulder Blade: Overdrive and Xspelunker posters (MSX)
* 8 BIT multi platform 3rd Anniversary Compilation Cassette from POLY PLAY.
* The Shoulder Blade: Overdrive MSX Cartridge.
* 8-Bit ANNUAL GAME DEV entry files on a DVD.

Don't delay there is only a very short time left, this is also your last chance to get the MSX Shoulderblade: Overdrive cartridges, so make your pledge before time runs out.