2 screens demo

By N.I

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23-11-2017, 04:27

Hi MSXers,
MSX with V9990 cartridge has two screen outputs. So, I tried to make the demo that used two screens.


The program and the source code can be downloaded from here.
It works on MSX turboR. It works even on MSX2, but it will play slow.

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By Grauw

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23-11-2017, 19:52

Ha, that looks nice!

By MP83

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23-11-2017, 20:06

Now that's something you don't see every day. Great job!

By hamlet

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23-11-2017, 21:11

As always; a nice surprise. I like your demos very much, please gather them in a compilation one day!

By Latok

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24-11-2017, 17:03

Nice Smile

By Rataplan

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24-11-2017, 18:16

Finally wirh this info I can release my Nintendo DS emu for MSX Wink


Enlighted (5422)

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27-11-2017, 13:21

I think this is first of it's kind... meaning two screens actually used at a same time actively. I know there are some GFX software that output status messages to V99X8, but I don't count them.

Really nice! Thanks again!

By Philip

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27-11-2017, 16:17

Very cool Smile

Hmm, dual screen support in Symbos would be interesting...