VSX-2018 virtual platform

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31-12-2018, 09:57

Greetings to all!

Here's VSX-2018, funny executive environment built on top of virtual MSX, C-BIOS and Nextor.
It can not only emulate simple MSX computer, but also has its own advanced features and its own API.
Name VSX is for "Virtual System Executor".
Technically it is multi-mode RISC-V virtual machine with MSX emulation layer which is controlled by special firmware. This firmware also contains layer to interact with Nextor, think of it as DOS extender providing access to DOS functions for programs written in VM code.

This is previev release named "follicle", names for releases is chosen from human development stages.
Currently no audio features are implemented.

Preview contains executive itself with disk image containing Nextor and two demo programs (HELLO.COM and TESTCARD.COM) in VM VCOM format using extended features as extender calls and full-color video mode.
HELLO.COM just prints traditional "Hello,world" Smile
TESTCARD.COM [0-5] displays TV Test Card in full-color display mode. ESC to exit.
To run VCOMs patched version of COMMAND2.COM (present in disk image in archive) is needed.

SDK to create VCOMs is currently in development and will be published in near future.

Patches to C-BIOS allowing to run Nextor and its applications is also will be available in near future.

Preview can be downloaded from this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z7TY8Me_wvWp2NGNUyabPFdUwA...

Currently two platforms is supported: GNU/Linux and MS Windows. Windows version is not heavily tested.
Additional platforms will be available in future.

To run VM just type
"vsx2018 disk_image [disk_image ...]"
files in command line is added as DOS physical LUNs.
Example disk image is included in archive.

Please, send bug reports to vsx2018project@gmail.com

Happy New Year 2019!

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By sdsnatcher73

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31-12-2018, 12:21

Wow, this sounds so cool (even without audio features implemented Wink). Will try later today!